October 5, 2015

I Need Your Thoughts: Can We Make Pine Paneling Work?

Better Homes & Gardens
Because we've been showering out there, I end my nights thinking about how to decorate the guesthouse.  I've logged a lot of hours out there, pondering.

Last time I showed you the building , my Mom and I were moving the Etsy shop out there, but it turned out to be kind of inconvenient (and cold in the winter).  I ended up stashing everything on shelves in my otherwise useless, 5 foot tall basement and now the guesthouse is purposeless again.  It's filled with some random furniture and some odds and sods.  What would be more practical would be to turn it into a proper guest room, because it even boasts its own three piece bathroom! 

The only downside is the pine bonanza happening in there.  The floors are a faux wood laminate, but the walls, trim and ceiling are solid pine.  I was originally going to paint it all a bright white, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by how much work - and paint! - that would be.  We have a laundry list of projects and renovations still to tackle all over the house so I don't really want to commit the resources or time.  Plus, the bathroom out there is what really needs our attention: a new shower, floor, and vanity will take a chunk out of whatever budget we can allot to this space (which will be tiny).  We also need to build new sauna benches (and reinforce the sauna floor), because I insisted we rip out the existing benches for reasons that I won't mention here.  (Rhymes with "cold ban walls"). 

So...in an effort to save some time and cash, could I leave the pine and go for a rustic, Scandi feel?  Here's some inspiration, before I flesh out my exact plans for the space:

DSC Interiors
Life as a Moodboard
EST Magazine
Front and Main
via Paper Blog
Chapter Friday
I can't believe I'm arguing for keeping the wood...

Although it would be fun to go kind of dark and moody with a rustic feel, I'll be adding the white bed and white bedding from the guest room in the townhouse.  A faux fur throw would be a cozy touch at the end of the bed - maybe my spare faux lynx one?

White guest bed with bright artwork

Then I'd add some throw pillows with this black and white Marimekko Kanteleen Kutsu print, which has a woodland theme but a mod, Scandi feel:
I'd do white curtains and white curtains rods - not that using towels as curtains isn't a genius idea (I'm serious).  I'm thinking of painting the laminate flooring a dark charcoal grey (or maybe a pale grey or white?) and adding some cozy faux sheepskin rugs my Mom is trying to fob off on me.

A pine Ikea Tarva dresser, painted or stained white, could be placed across from the bed for some storage.  It would be brighter and lighter, but the same grain as the walls would peek through the finish.

I haven't measured, but it would be awesome if my black wool organic chair could fit out there too - although it's doubtful (it's such a small space!).

White desk with black chair // Black + white accessories

Then I'd update the lighting with something modern and simple.  Finally, I'd put my black/white abstract out there, because it's been displaced from the bathroom, and maybe add some smaller textural pieces in creamy whites and soft greys.  My black tree painting is still homeless, too, and it might look great out there.

Black and white abstract

It would be a quick and relatively easy makeover and my thinking is that by covering up the fake wood floor - and adding LOTS of white - I could make the natural wood walls and ceiling work.  It would be a fun way to experiment with a somewhat different style than the lakehouse - no aqua (ACK! Okay, maybe I'll paint the exterior door aqua) and maybe even some rustic accessories with a Scandinavian feel?  Ultimately this is a sauna building, so that could feel right.  

Am I totally crazy (and lazy) with my plan to keep the pine?  Be honest! 

October 1, 2015

DIY Tweed Back Tab Curtains for the Bedroom

After listening to me ramble on about tweed, let me just show you the new bedroom curtains!
(Spoiler alert: they're tweed!):
Green tweed curtains
Dapp Peacock Tweed Fabric

With my new wide angle lens, you can see our glass sliding closet doors and the new green curtains!  Learning to handle my DSLR and wide angle lens is still a slow process, but I love that I can show you so much more of a room in one photo!  (Ignore the blank canvases - a DIY art project I'm currently working on).  

White bedroom with green accents
White glass sliding closet doors
Bold black welded headboard

I was quite smitten with the last set of DIY back tab curtains my Mom and I made but, after I switched around the vintage Hungarian posters, the teal pattern no longer worked in the room. 

Teal patterned curtains, DIY

This green tweed is utterly perfect - the exact shade of green I wanted, shot with aqua.  When we moved to the lakehouse, I was on a mission to add more colour but I've realized that colour + pattern aren't necessarily what I want.  I think that colour + texture or a low contrast pattern (and smaller doses of pattern), look best in the space.  Then our beautiful artwork can take centre stage.

Vintage posters as art
Green tweed back tab curtains
Chocolate brown dressers
Bedroom with midcentury modern look

The fabric I chose is called Dapp Peacock and I purchased it from U-Fab, before they dropped their e-commerce site (you can still order by phone/email).

I'm so impressed by the sheen and weight of this fabric; it has a luxurious feel.  The tweed relaxed a bit after we hung them up so they break a bit more than planned.  We might re-hem them, but I'm waiting to see if the fabric relaxes more. 

Green silk pillows
Orange paisley print pillow
Green and aqua tweed fabric
West German Pottery
Green bedroom curtains

Head over to Hello Yellow for the how-to, including some tips for working with this tweed - which was a bit trickier than the outdoor fabric we used for the last set of drapes.

I still have a bolt of the same tweed in aqua, calling my name from where it's propped up in the corner of my office.  I hope my Mom and I can carve out some time soon(ishly) to whip up some turquoise tweed curtains for the office, which will create a really nice cohesiveness and flow between the two bedrooms.

September 28, 2015

Bathroom Update: I Still Wear a Rain Coat to the Shower

The Bathroom Reno.  Ugh.

Last time I chatted about it, thing were progressing smoothly, if a bit slowly.  We had finally ordered the cabinetry, tile, fixtures, lighting and put a deposit on a gorgeous slab of quartzite: 

By the middle of May, our garage was full of bathroom fixtures: the toilet, faucets, lights, aqua sinks, etc., had all arrived.  It was incredibly thrilling to unwrap the aqua sinks!

Meanwhile, we had ripped out the original vanity, counters, mirror and sinks - here's a reminder:

It was dusty, crummy work - no surprise there - but we had to laugh when we saw the "bandaid" solution the former homeowner had devised to keep the mirror clips from scratching the back of the mirror:

Two of the walls came down and a lot of time was spent moving the wiring for my crazy triple sconce on mirror idea.  We also added another outlet (because we switched from one sink to two, and we figured it would be convenient to each have an outlet nearby) and changed the location of the original one.  Everything took forever because of the careful measuring and triple checking for placement.  Additionally, we had installed some bracing for the floating cabinetry - which also needed to be placed just so.

Then, tragedy struck and we left home suddenly.  We dropped everything.  I was gone for six weeks and whenever Hubby wasn't working, he came to be with me and help my family.

When we finally came home, we were both exhausted.  It took a few weeks for us to get back into the swing of things, but eventually we re-started work on the bathroom.  On the one hand, it was painful because it was the last thing we wanted to be doing, but we couldn't turn back!   We would have much preferred to spend the rest of summer just hanging out by the lake and processing things but, on the other hand, it was nice to have a project to distract us.

The wiring was completed, the blocking was done, and so drywall went back up.

Then Hubby took on the behemoth task of sawing apart and removing our space portal bathtub.  We bought a reciprocating saw for the job and, one broken and one bent blade later, the fiberglass tub and surround lay in pieces in the carport.

Yay!  Progress!

At this point it seemed our luck had turned, because the guesthouse shower - which boasted ice cold water in the spring when we tested to make sure it worked - actually ran hot water!  Hot water!  I hopped in for the inaugural shower and, as expected, it was ice cold.  I shivered my way through a quick shower and was just about to leap out when the water started to get warmer, and warmer and, all of a sudden, was piping hot.

It was such a relief, I almost cried.  I yelled to Hubs, "IT'S HOT!!  I'M SO HAPPY".

Then we hit more delays, as it goes with renovations.  Three damaged bathtubs (that's a story for another day) - and more than a month later - we finally secured a tub in perfect condition.   Meanwhile, we had to keep calling our tiler and cabinet installer and delaying installation, again and again.

While we waited, we kept chugging along and installed the new fan (we previously only had a light in the shower). 

As the pace slowed, we found ourselves with some time on our hands, so naturally I added projects to our to-do list!  Hubby had been reluctant to remove all of the drywall, but I just didn't think the old and new would match up well so I convinced him we should take down and replace the drywall on the window wall too.  Doing this allowed us to remove the old toilet paper roll holder that was bolted  in place, so I'm excited to replace that with something chicer (which wasn't part of the original plan).

We also removed the wall to the right of the tub so we can install a towel warmer!!!  That will be amazing in the winter - I'm so happy we went ahead with that, which is also a little bonus project.  We toyed with the idea, but hadn't committed until we found ourselves with a little extra time. 

When we finally got a tub that wasn't damaged, we installed it and hurried to get the plumbing done.  The plumbing had been off centre to accommodate the shower portal and we wanted to rearrange a bit anyway.  Hubby had to do some framing because the nook for the old shower portal was much larger than we needed.  It took quite a bit of time to get this tub area ready, but now it's in and ready to go!  The installation was a bit tricky, so I'll have a tutorial for that - and a round up of modern bathtub options - soon.

I can't wait to show you photos of the walls painted and tile installed...

But don't get excited about the walls - we're re-painting them the exact same shade of white!  I contemplated a soft aqua ceiling, but I think I should wait on any colourful plans until I see how bold the aqua sinks are once they're installed. 

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel because we're no longer ripping things out - we're starting to put the pieces back together.  Getting the tub installed was a major turning point and it really motivated us.  But I have to complain a little because seeing that tub is terribly tempting.  Of course, we're still showering in the freezing cold guesthouse (the water is hot, but the building is not).  Every day I apprehensively check the weather.  The water lines out there aren't insulated and so every fall we drain the lines.  If we get an early frost or freezing temperatures, we might have to endure ice cold showers - or no water at all.  Like totally dummies, we shower at night because I just can't sleep without an evening shower or bath.  Even with this situation, I couldn't switch to morning showers.  Let me tell you, running back from the guesthouse in pajamas, raincoat, (toque on some cooler nights) and rubber boots, in the pitch black, is getting old.  Some nights we've gone out there to shower and emerged in the middle of a crazy thunder shower.  Other nights we hear rustling in the woods behind the guest house and bolt back to the house as if our pants were on fire.  Sometimes we cross paths with a fox and for some reason we've really rubbed him the wrong way because he absconded with one of my shoes from the carport on the weekend.  But sometimes we get our act together and go for a shower when it's light out and wander down to the lake, enjoying a sunset after our shower, which is kind of dreamy on warm nights.

So I really shouldn't complain - it's such a perk that we even have a second shower.  Our only other option would be a quick hose down in the driveway. 

Now that things are progressing again (hope I didn't jinx it!), I'll be sharing little updates on Instagram (#lakehousereno).    
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