February 28, 2011

The Townhouse on Made By Girl

Wow!  Jen, of (the lovely) Made By Girl, posted some photos of the townhouse on her blog today!  Take a look here.


I am so flattered because I love her blog and her style.  I submitted pictures awhile ago and she has been featuring some truly stunning home tours.  I honestly thought our little work in progress might not make the cut. . .

I'm excited because I'm making so many new blog friends as a result.  So, hello to anyone new to my blog.  I'm so pleased you've stopped by (and I can't wait to check out your blog, if you have one). 

I've recently made some changes on the decorating front - I'll be posting new house pictures this week.  You might not even recognize the master bedroom! 

Inspiration: More Splashes of Red

Happily, my mom & I did find some treasures yesterday.  Unhappily, my camera battery died so it will need to spend some time charging today.  In the meantime, I wanted to share this great colour palette.  I'm still figuring out what to pair with our red kitchen accents (see here for more kitchen pictures), but I'm really liking red with pale blue/aqua and minty green . . .

mushroom jar, blue
Check out this handmade pottery - how cute is the mushroom motif?

mushroom jar, blue

February 26, 2011

Drool Worthy Display

Ahhhh.  New fridge is in place.  Will blog about some handy things I learned and also some "after" shots soon.  But today - to celebrate the end of my comprehensive exams and a new fridge - my mom and I are headed out to some vintage shops.  We need to get cracking if either of us hopes to acquire a collection as fabulous as this:


Happy Saturday!!

February 25, 2011

We Can Buy Food Again

Say "hello" to our new fridge.  The LG LTN19315SW


I bought it in the white, but its easier to see in the black:


It is goin' in here:

See more pictures here

Gosh - if you ever shop for a fridge, don't wait until your current fridge dies.  Surprisingly, a fridge is not typically something you can bring home the same day. 

Here's what I learned:
  • Super hard to find a modern looking fridge with a freezer on top (they are "out")
  • The fridge has to suit your purposes, not what is trendy
  • Shop around!  Prices really vary store to store
  • Big box stores sometimes have the "lowest" price because they don't include delivery or disposal of an old fridge
  • When Home Depot tells you it can't be done, tell them they are wrong

I will save you the boring details of fridge shopping.  Found lots I wanted and couldn't afford, found lots I could afford but didn't want.  Found one I liked and we could afford.  I love the way the interior is laid out, it looks nice, the quality is good, and the price was right.  Home Depot told me I'd have to wait until March 21st and that every vendor would say the same.  I phoned every appliance store in town and the delivery times varied from next day to a month. 

In the end, I went to Corbeil Appliances where the fridge I wanted was $200 cheaper than Home Depot, plus delivery & removal of the dead fridge was free!  So, in the end I saved about $300.  Shocker, right?  And, I am getting the fridge delivered today (it is 1:00am - this counts as Friday).  Here's hoping the delivery is problem-free.  Seems too good to be true . . .

I promise some new pics of the kitchen when the fridge is set up.     

February 24, 2011

Bad News & Good News

Bad News:  My fridge up and died yesterday!  Will cost more to repair than to buy a new one.  So I spent the first day of mom's visit fridge shopping.  Hubby is out of town, which makes it extra tricky.  After some highs and lows, I found a fridge I want but Home Depot won't let me have it until March 21st!!!  And a local store doesn't carry the white.  Sigh.  So today I'm tracking down a fridge, thus I'll be a bit absent from the blogosphere.

Good news:  I found the best DIY drawer lining project at Blue Eyed Yonder.  So simple and gorgeous, I might even try it - even though drawer liners tend to seem too ambitious for me.  Take a look at the fabulous instructions here

Photo Source

February 23, 2011

Keep Your Eye on the Sugar Bowl

When I blogged about my office my mom spotted the tiny orange bowl on the bookshelf.  She wants it.  And now she will be within pilfering distance (I'm leaving for the airport to pick her up right now!!)  Since I stole her Lotte lamps, I think the sugar bowl is fair game.  In the event that it goes missing after her visit, here is an ode to the sugar bowl.

How did she even see it?!?

I picked the bowl up at a yard sale because the colour was so great.  I saw the Shelley logo and, thanks to my china-happy grandmother, knew that Shelley is valuable.  I calmly handed over my $2.00 and skipped back to the car.  Once home, I looked through hundreds of pictures of Shelley china until I found similar pieces and eventually found out what this is: a sugar bowl, of the Harmony Dripware series.  It was produced 1924-1940 - the different hallmark can indicate approximately when a piece was made.  I'm no expert, just a patient googler.  Click here for a great guide on Shelley china.

So, keep an eye out for this logo:

Or one of these:


I might be in need of a replacement bowl . . .

For some more eye candy check out these other gorgeous pieces which, sadly, I do not own:

What mine would look like, as a proper set


What fabulously finds have you found?

February 22, 2011

Light up the Half Bath

Countdown to my mom's visist - attempt #2 (she never was able to fly in December).  We've been tidying up the guest room and half bath for her arrival.  Still little to report on the decorating front, but we did install the light fixture from the main bath in here:

Ta da

If you recall, I wasn't a huge fan of this light fixture.  So we replaced it with a better one in the main bath.  Why did I move it here if I wasn't 100% in love with it?  Because this is what was here before:

So ugly, I didn't always notice it was crooked . . .

Frankly, anything was better.  And the light fixture from the main bath looks better here - I think the scale was too small for the main bath.  Plus, if I'm being honest, I hate being wasteful, but you might know that about me already.  Sadly, it is still super boring in the half bath (I just can't find any nice, white frames!):

But, remember, it looked like this before we tore it apart, so bland is an improvement:

Yup, we might move at a glacial pace, but we'll get it done!!

February 21, 2011

Filing Cabinet Mini-Change

Apartment Therapy had a great post about sprucing up file cabinets awhile ago.  I love this one:


And this one:


I also love this file cabinet makeover, from House of Sarager.  And check it out: we have the same greeting card filer - the orange thing on top of the cabinet.  I bought mine at a yard sale (you can kind of see it in this post - its on my expidit bookcase).  How weird is it that I see it on someone else's blog?


Anyway, the file cabinet in my office is pretty boring.  I did buy a wood one, which I like better than the metal kind.  But it seriously needs some sprucing up.

A pattern like this would look awesome:

But, for the time being I switched out the handles.  I think that little change made it look a whole lot less 90s "modern office-y".  I want to hold off on doing something bolder until I DIY the magnetic chalkboard I have planned.  If I paint the frame a wild colour, I might leave this as-is.  You might have guessed that change happens slowly around the townhouse . . .

With new handles


February 20, 2011

Tote Bag Solution

Years ago I spotted a neat owl plant hanger at someone's house, but it was vintage - probably original to the house - so she couldn't tell me where to find one.  Low and behold, I find two at a yard sale the same summer.  I don't hang plants, but I use one to keep my tote bags handy.  We had one in our old apartment and finally got around to installing one in the townhouse.  If you're looking for a clever way to store tote bags, I recommend using a planter hanger because the long arm is handier than most hooks:

I like my vintage one, but a brand new one would do the trick

Good for one . . .

. . . or a bunch!

What are your clever tricks for making storage simpler?

February 19, 2011

Lake Superior Photographs Soothe the Savage Beast

I have been really crabby the last couple days.  Well, nothing calms me like photos of water.  Or, better still, being on the water.  But seeing as I'm still chained to my desk for a week, photos will suffice.  I've been ogling these photos I took of Lake Superior for enlargement, framing and adorning our walls purposes.  I just can't seem to find frames I like.  Grrr.  I have another batch I'll post later that I'm considering for the main bathroom walls.

Ahhhh.  That's much better.  I'm thinking # 3, 5, & 10 have a shot at being on our walls!
What is your go-to trick for getting rid of the crabbiness?

February 18, 2011

Art Attack: Lynda Pizzuto

I fell in love with Lynda Pizzuto's work, seen in this Design Sponge "sneak peak".  I blogged about this beautiful room just the other day and the painting really tickled my fancy.  So, I found the artist's website and have been ogling her work for a few days.  Isn't her work magical?



Her paintings have such life - so much movement and joy. 




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