June 17, 2013

Pretty Knifeblock Makeovers

When I painted our knife block, on a whim, it never dawned on me to see if there were others making over these sometimes ghastly kitchen staples too.

Once I found other makeovers, I rounded up my favorites.  I love this project because it makes use of something most people already have (and might hate).  Our knife block wasn't just plain, it was also very shabby.  I still feel this sense of pride that I used what we already had, saving us money.  I DIY a lot so this isn't really new, but there's something about this project (because it's something I use daily, and not an accessory or art) that feels like I accomplished something.  Some more inspiration for you:

Offbeat + Inspired
Angel Food Design
Live Love DIY
The Creative Imperative
Although simply painting a knife block is enough effort to make it look good, I think the extra work of painting the silhouettes of the knife blades makes this one look really polished.

Country Living
This one isn't a tutorial - but I love the inspiration for a dipped knife block, especially one with a rustic feel.

Rue Magazine

P.S.  I saw this one on Pinterest and it looks so familiar . . .


  1. Can't wait to see everything! Sending you energetic vibes and hoping you get offers above asking ;)

  2. sounds like you really have things going on around there. I bet you can't wait to get to the new house.


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